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Android annihilated BlackBerry sales at verizoncreated by Wilson RothmanBlackBerry’s share of smart phone sales at verizon fell from a peak of over 90 percent in October 2009 to its current 19 percent, in a report by ITG Investment Research. source? operating system phones, Led by motorola and HTC.Google’s OS is currently found on 80 percent of texting sold by Verizon, With the final 1 percent being shared by Palm OS and christian Louboutin Discount louboutin cheap christian louboutin cheap”>christian louboutin cheap old Windows mobile phones. quickly, Sales discount louboutin shoes online of all texting have risen dramatically since then, But it will not bode well for BlackBerry’s maker, search for In Motion.”The decline is led by no a Storm refresh, shrinking sales of Louboutin Outlet the Tour/Bold series, And a failure Louboutin Outlet of the new Curve 3G to yet replace downsizing sales of the Curve 8530, Wrote ITG telephony analyst Matthew Goodman.As money of smart phones at Verizon, Goodman says that individuals are in a holding pattern now. The carrier may well a “Slow winter season. on account of an expected launch of the iPhone and 4G LTE handsets” In christian louboutin cheap the arrival months.


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